Tote Bag

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Evalyn Watho-Kudi created this sweet image of mother and baby ducks sitting on a nest. The tapestry decorates a 15" x 15" brown canvas tote with tree print lining.  The tote has a large external pocket with twist-clasp closure, an external zip pocket, and sturdy brown handles.

Evalyn, a Bishop's wife, lives in Goli in northwest Uganda. This village is the location of the annual Threads of Blessing workshop. Evalyn shares these thoughts: "I want to thank God for the blessing he has done for me.  I didn’t know that I would have something to do.  Before we began to do embroidery we saw no benefit in this work.  But now we have received such blessing from it.  When the first gift came, I didn’t count it, but went home and prayed before I saw what was in the envelope.  It was great joy.  I began to pray and give thanks to God.  I didn’t know where to end I was so happy.  I gave a tithe to God and used part for school fees.  I have medical problems and also a heart problem.  I am not supposed to do work, so the money can be used for help in the field.  We have one child who is sick whether in school or at home and always goes back to school late.  Now we can employ someone to teach her at home.  Yesterday when I saw the photographs of my embroidery in the envelope I went home with tears of joy.  I want to tithe to God first and now I’ll plan.  I pray that God will continue to bless this team and Threads of Blessing."