15" Tote Bag

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"Large black, white, orange, yellow bird in water, reeds": 15" tote bag with zipper closure. Black canvas with black/white print lining. Large front pocket, sturdy handles. 

Anna Uromcamu lives in Erussi – a small, beautiful, village close to the Congolese border in northwestern Uganda, nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains. Anna is a leader in Threads of Blessing and was a teacher for many years. 

“Praise the Lord.  I want to thank God for what he has done for me through Threads of Blessing.  All the income from this project has helped me to support the university education of my daughter Philippa who is my last born.  I have also invested the money in my small kitchen construction.  It has also helped me with some domestic affairs, especially in feeding the needy.  Finally, out of my yearly income, I have paid my tithe to the Lord.  May the Lord bless our friends abroad especially in West Texas Diocese. Thank you.”