Tote Bag 16" x 14"

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Alice Akidi Ayaa's embroidery features a fanciful big cat in a tree with a kob walking by. Her needlework is displayed on a 16" x 14" medium-blue denim tote which has a large front buttoned pocket and a back zippered pocket. Sturdy olive handles echo the colors of the tapestry and the pretty green/olive batik lining.

Alice is originally from Northern Uganda and was displaced due to the wars and other conflicts in the area. She now lives in Kampala, the capital city. In Alice's words, “Praise the Living God!!!! I thank God for what He has and what He is doing in my life. Through this project God has helped my daughter to achieve the height of her education at the ‘low development centre. I have also been able to help my husband in preparing for a traditional marriage.”