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Harriet Oyenyboth created the delightful scene of a family of rabbits under a tree that decorates this 10" x 9" x 3" zippered purse. It is made of sturdy green/gray weave, is lined with beige print, and has an outside zippered pocket. For use as a purse, it has a detachable leather wrist strap; without the strap it serves as a handy stand-up pouch--perfect for charger cords, toiletries, or for use as a luggage organizer.

Harriet lives in Goli and works in the Bishop’s office for Nebbi Diocese. She is a hard worker and one of the women who takes care of the team when they visit Goli for the annual workshop.  Harriet writes:  “Praise God.  My friend, how is your place?  Likewise, I am fine.  I have enjoyed the group this year.  I thank God for that.  I am 27 years old and not married.  I have 3 children I am paying school fees for.  One is in Senior 2, one is Senior 3, and one is Primary 5.  The youngest is an orphan.  I pray to God that I should sell work so that I can pay their school fees.  Thanks.”