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Barbara Nabbanja created the vibrant floral design that adorns this 9" x 9" purse with detachable shoulder strap. The deep olive chino fabric with berry trim echoes the colors of the embroidery, and the purse is lined with beautiful green/blue batik.

Barbara lives in Mukono, a city close to Kampala, where Uganda Christian University is located. Barbara is a leader in her group and delights in teaching her daughter and other young girls how to embroider. In Barbara's words:

“I thank God for what he has done through Threads of Blessings. I have been able to:

  1. Provide scholastic materials for my children
  2. Improve the welfare of my family
  3. Start a poultry project
  4. Start a goat project
  5. Provide for most of the things I need in life such as food and clothing.

I give back the honour and glory back to God.”