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Evaline Anyango embroidered the flower on this 9" x 9" cross-body purse. The outer fabric is rich brown microsuede, and the pink/gold batik lining echoes the embroidery colors. There is a zippered pocket on the back and detachable strap.

Evaline lives in Kitgum in northern Uganda. This is an area of Uganda that has suffered many troubles due to war and the Lord’s Resistance Army. Many families have been displaced from the area or faced death, but their faith in the Lord is strong and they keep facing the daily challenges.

In Evaline's words: “I am so happy to write this note because of the support I receive from Threads of Blessing. I take care of four orphans whose parents died of HIV/AIDS and another orphan whose parents died due to the war in the area. It is a blessing that I can pay their school fees and care for them whether they are healthy or sick. Thank you Jesus!”