Pillow, 18" x 18"

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"Woman with a bundle on the head, cows and calves, huts": 18" square zippered pillow, light beige with brown trim. 

Beatrice Pacutho lives in Goli, Nebbi Diocese.  She is a leader in her group especially during the annual workshop held in Goli.

“Praise the Lord!  Indeed I joined this group in 2005 when I was sick in bed suffering from HIV/AIDS which my husband died of in 2000.  In fact, from that time, up to now, I have gained a lot and it’s because I followed Health Care worker's advice.  I take my medications promptly and now I am okay and strong and can do anything.  In Threads of Blessing, I did the following things with my earnings:  School fees for my children bought land and planted trees, bought a bicycle, two sewing machines, semi-permanent house, chairs, mattresses, bedsheets, clothes, look after my old mother, and thanksgiving.  I was a widow but now God blessed me with the same status man with whom I am going for matrimony.  God Bless You. Thanks.”