Pillow, 14" x 14"

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"Two antelopes grazing, hills in the background": 14" square zippered pillow, gold microsuede on the front, multi-color paisley back, piped edging.

Jeska Mammy lives in Erussi – a small, beautiful, village close to the Congolese border in northwestern Uganda, nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains.  Being isolated with little means of travel except walking or an occasional bus, it is not unusual for the people to walk tens of kilometers each way to market in the nearest town.  

Jeska will use the funds she receives for her needlework to provide education for her children; medical support; seeds or fertilizer for her crops; repairs for her home, or build a new one; and provide for any orphans for whom she cares as a result of the war, HIV/ AIDS or other illnesses.  Jeska meets weekly with her fellow needleworkers, and the community they have developed through Threads of Blessing encourages each of them and has significantly raised their self-esteem.