Pillow 22" x 14.5"

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Women of the Bunyoro-Kitara region keep the rhythm in a traditional dance with a drummer and spectators nearby.  This piece is beautifully executed with a chevron stitch background. It is framed in black piping on natural-colored linen, which is also on the reverse.  The pillow is zippered.

Margaret, a widow, and a fine needleworker is a leader in her Threads of Blessing group and has produced many extraordinary pieces that sell quickly.  As they meet weekly, they share their lives with each other, and through this build community and their personal self-confidence.  Margaret will use the funds she receives for her needlework to provide education for her children, medical support for herself and her family, seeds or fertilizer for her crops, repairs to her home, and provide for any orphans for whom she cares.