Journal 8" x 10"

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"A red bird sitting on a branch adorns the front of this journal or notebook cover.  We have used a simple composition book inside to be inexpensively replaced as necessary.  The lining is a batik fabric in earth tones of brown, green and ochre."

In Doreen's words:  "I want to thank the Almighty God who enables us to start this project of Threads of Blessing.  I am really very grateful for the support of us African women.  The project has done a lot for me like paying school fees, caring for my late sister's children and garden work, and feeding family.  May the Almighty God bless you so much for the great love you have shown to us.  Thank you.  May the friendship remain forever.  Amen." 

Doreen lives in Gulu in northern Uganda - an area that experienced the horrors of war at the hands of the LRA for more than 20 years.  Though there is peace now, the trauma in the lives of these women and their families has been unspeakable.