Journal 8" x 10"

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A zebra and some red flowers adorn the cover of this journal or notebook. It is lined in a batik fabric in earth tones of brown, green, and gold.

This piece is by Gift, daughter to Mama Phoebe, the wife of a previous Archbishop of Uganda.  Phoebe and Gift's home is in Goli in the district of Nebbi in northwestern Uganda.  Twenty years ago, as the wife of the Bishop of the diocese, God gave Phoebe a vision of a women's center where women, mostly illiterate in her community, could be educated.  Due to the generosity of many people in the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas who raised over $450,000, the center became a reality in 2004.  It is where Threads of Blessing holds an annual conference to encourage the women with their needlework.  The success of the Women's Vocational Training Center and Threads of Blessing is due in large part to the work of this quiet, selfless woman.  Ten years ago, as Phoebe encouraged the women in her community, she herself embarked on a quest to better her own third-grade education.  She now holds a graduate college degree.  An excellent needleworker herself, Phoebe's life is a testament to the women she so loves to mentor and encourage.