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The Rev. Canon Hellen Oneka created the peaceful scene of three kob by a stream that decorates the back of a light beige Sigrid Olsen jacket. The safari-style size 4 jacket has a draw-string waist and four button flap pockets on the front.

Hellen writes: “Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Threads of blessing has done great things in my life. Mama Phoebe introduced me to Threads of Blessing. I have educated my children with money from this program. Threads of Blessing in West Texas consulted, supported and prayed for me when I went to India in 2014 for an operation. The program helped me buy a piece of land.  It has made my spiritual life to increase. It has helped me to know many women.  It also gave me life, love, and caring to encourage others.  I have asked other women to join Threads of Blessing.  My family, Canon Joseph, Faith, James, George, Alice and Lesley plus 8 grandchildren.  They see what Threads of blessing has done by what we have.  We have seen the love of God, we pray, fast and support those who are worrying.  My second son needs prayer.  He is educated and he just stays at home.  He loves every member of the family and loves my grandchildren. He is very kind, caring, and does not ask for money.  Pray God can help him to begin a job.”

Hellen lives in Kampala and is Vicar of a vibrant congregation in a low income area of the city.