Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

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Christine has embroidered a parrot sitting on a sunflower stalk, making an exotic combination of colors and textures.  This piece measures 13'5" x 13."  

In Christine's own words,  “Threads of Blessing has lifted me so much in financial and skills.  I want to give thanks for this wisdom that He has given me in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.” 

Christine lives in Hoima, Uganda, in the district of Bunyoro-Kitara.  Hoima is northwest of Kampala. Her life revolves around caring for her family and her crops.  

She meets weekly with her fellow needleworkers.  The community they have developed through Threads of Blessing encourages each of them and has significantly raised their self-esteem, to the point that they have begun their own savings and loan account, from which they can borrow to begin small businesses.

Christine will use the funds she receives from her needlework to provide education for her children; medical support for herself and her family; seeds or fertilizer for her crops; repairs to her home, or even begin to build a new one; and provide for any orphans for whom she cares as a result of the war, HIV AIDS or other illnesses.