Hand Embroidery - "Let the waters teem ..."

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And God said, "Let the waters teem with living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the expanse of the sky." (Genesis 1:20)

This beautiful depiction of the Creation by Barbara Nabbanja measures 22" x 20" and is completely executed in tiny "french knots."  It pairs beautifully with the tapestry by Oliver Nalunga titled, "Let there be light" pictured below and listed separately on the website.

If you are a needleworker you will understand the time and patience this takes with a piece this size.  Barbara's story begins on the front page of the website. 

“I thank God for what he has done through Threads of Blessings. I have been able to:

  1. Provide scholastic materials for my children
  2. Improve the welfare of my family
  3. Start a poultry project
  4. Start a goat project
  5. Provide for most of the things I need in life such as food and clothing. 

I give the honour and glory back to God.”

Barbara lives in Mukono, a city close to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. This is the location of Uganda Christian University. Barbara is a leader in her group and delights in teaching her daughter and other young girls how to embroider.