Denim Jacket, Size L

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Koline Adong and The Rev. Dinnah Grace Apwot, who live in Lira, Lango Diocese, worked together on the tapestry of a lush pot of flowers that decorates the back of this white denim jacket. The sturdy silver-buttoned jacket has two pockets, button cuffs, and an adjustable bottom band.

Dinnah serves as a priest in Lira. She writes:  “Dear Friends of Threads of Blessing, Warm Christian greetings in Jesus’ Name!!! How wonderful is the Threads of Blessing.  I am a single priest with thirteen dependents that I am taking care of.  We are together with them in the parish where I am working.  I am feeding them and paying school fees with the little money I am getting from Threads of Blessing.  Threads of Blessing has improved my life in creating relationships with God and friends.  It has allowed me to open an account in the bank.  I have bought a piece of land.  It has improved my faith in tithing and I can stand on my own as a priest who has a testimony to give to other people. God bless Threads of Blessing.  Amen.”