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Harriet Uyirwoth created the basket of vegetables that decorates this denim apron. The large (29" x 32") adult apron has a large pocket, tie strings, and a neck loop.

Harriet lives in Goli, Nebbi Diocese. Goli is the village in northwest Uganda where the annual workshop is held. Harriet says:

“Brethren, this is to appreciate your tireless effort in bringing us to where we are now.  I pray to God to bless your sweat and reward your families.  I have learned how to depend on myself now because I came from a poor family.  My education was low (S1).  I have 5 children.  At first, I couldn’t touch such amount of money which made me now to do many things:  giving to God, paying school fees, building a pit latrine, food and medicine for families, clothing for my families. Out of this money I did many things which I cannot mention.  I have taught my 2 daughters how to stitch.  Even a small piece was made by my last daughter who will soon join Nurses training school.”  May God bless you all.  Greetings from my family.”