18" x 18" Pillow

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Gertrude Balinda created this spectacular peacock, which she describes as "Nature's Pride and Beauty."  The rich colors on this 18" x 18" pillow almost seem to vibrate against the black twill fabric and royal blue edging.

Gertrude lives in Fort Portal in the Diocese of Ruwenzori. She is an active businesswoman and leader in her group. She shares these thoughts: “Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!  I take this opportunity to thank you our sisters and brothers from West Texas Diocese for the tremendous work you are doing to lift us spiritually and economically.  Since I got involved in the Threads of Blessing, my zeal for embroidery has increased and I cannot afford to spend a day without picking up my needle!  I enjoy training women in our group and our pieces that were sold got us good money which we used to meet different obligations.  Personally, I added stock to my small crafts shop.  Thank you and stay blessed.”