Pillow, 16" x 14"

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"Two giraffes on green and brown":  16" x 14" embroidered pillow with zippered opening. Beige with olive trim, animal print on the reverse. 

Phoebe Orombi is the wife of the retired Archbishop of Uganda.  Her husband, Henry Luke Orombi, was previously bishop of Nebbi Diocese.  Phoebe’s home is in Goli in the district of Nebbi in northwestern Uganda where she has returned to continue her life as a “farmer.”  As the Bishop’s wife, it was her dream to see a center built where the women of her community could be educated – a place where they could learn to read and write amongst other endeavors.  This center has become a reality due to the generosity of many people in the Diocese of West Texas.  The success of Threads of Blessing in Uganda is due in large part to the work of this quiet, selfless woman.  Ten years ago, as Phoebe encouraged the women in her community, she herself embarked on a quest to better her own third-grade education.  She now holds a graduate college degree.  An excellent needle worker herself, Phoebe’s life is a testament to the women she so loves to encourage.