Beatrice forms a local micro-enterprise

The Threads of Blessing Ministry recently received the following thank you note from Beatrice, a Ugandan woman who has participated in some of the Threads workshops in her home country and who has benefited from the sales of her own embroidery and artwork.

"Praise God! We are good and God is keeping us. I just want to thank you for Threads of Blessing. The last money I received from my piece of work, after deducting a tithe, was used to begin a local chicken project. I now feed my family with chicken and local eggs which are very nutritious. I feel very happy for you and your organisation which has encouraged me to do many profitable activities. God bless you." - Beatrice Biliku (Bunyoro-Kitara)


Threads of Blessing organizes workshops in Uganda, teaching the skills and providing materials and opportunities for women to create fine art textiles that visually record their culture. The workshops are designed to encourage women to gather as a community; learn organizational skills, and help develop personal esteem.

Pieces of their artwork are brought back and sold through the ministry.  All proceeds go directly back to the individual women who created them.

The ecumenical group of ladies that form Threads of Blessing meet weekly at the Bishop Jones Center in San Antonio on Wednesday mornings. They do their own exquisite embroidery work, most often creating banners for churches and schools, while they plan and organize their international workshops. 

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