Barbara's Water Tank

 Barbara lives in Mukono, a city close to Kampala, the capital of Uganda.  She and her cousin, Maria are the leaders of their Threads of Blessing group of approximately 40 women.  They meet every Saturday afternoon under the shade of jacaranda trees in her front yard.  Teaching her daughter and other young women and girls in the community how to embroider brings her great joy.   The hope and purpose of Threads of Blessing is that this creative art form and the community it develops will be passed on to the next generation.

In her own words, “I thank God for what he has done for us through Threads of Blessings. I have been able to provide scholastic material and school fees for my children; improve the welfare of my family, and start poultry and goat projects which have both increased.  I give back the honour and glory to God.”

More recently, with the proceeds from the sale of her embroidery, Barbara bought a treadle sewing machine (which she named “Threads of Blessing”) and is making clothing for herself and her family.  She is also making tote bags and selling them through her mother’s small store. 

Last month with more sales Barbara purchased a 10,000-liter water tank for her home, so they will be able to harvest rainwater.   This also means that her family will not have to fetch water from the community well in 5-gallon jerrycans each weighing approximately 40 pounds.  




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