A Testimony from Uganda

    I want to thank God abundantly. I didn’t know I would be alive at this time. When the message came that you were here, I was in bed. I am a widow. My husband died in 2000. We have five children with two in secondary school. It is difficult to pay school fees. When the children came home I was sick (HIV positive). I didn’t know who would help them when I died. My mother also lives with us and I care for her.

   When I received the payment, I found good things through our friends in West Texas. They took time and taught us to sew and God gave me strength to do the work. Through the help I have been getting from the hospital, I have been advised to take medication.

Beatrice Work

    I love my life and I love my God. I love him for blessing and sustaining me. When the first gift came I did not believe my eyes. I thought it was a lie. I have a son in Senior 6 and another child in Senior 4. My son was not able to graduate as there were school fees owing. I was able to pay the balance and it opened a way for my son.

    With the second gift I was able to get the school results for my second child and buy land for them. How to build a house was a problem. With this third gift I can now continue with building our house. Even the youngest child is receiving education and I am able to help my mother. I am gifted by God, but only this embroidery is able to help me. I want to give glory to God and ask that he continue to bless you.